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Supernal Radio Show

Supernal Radio Show

Season 2 Episode: 12
Sacred Geometry with Michael Rice on architecture
Sacred Geometry architecture with Michael Rice. The Supernal team were kept quiet during this podcast Read Supernal Magazine Free at

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Self > Actualisation - The June July bumper issue of Supernal magazine - What is it all about?

The June July bumper issue of Supernal Magazine was a tough one to research, write and create by the whole team. The current topics that are impacting the world, threatening our way of life and our Sovereignty, are many and varied, yet the truth is out there. Our Supernal hosts break it down and offer hope to a much brighter future towards enlightenment.

Conspiracy Theory and Shamanism

Freya and Anthony chat about the 2021 June July issue of the magazine titled Self >Actualisation. This very in-depth discussion looks at how one person's conspiracy theory doesn't always match or even have to match another person's conspiracy theory! Raym also talks to the current pandemic, living in a multiverse and much, much more!

An Interview with Louise Ogg and Raym Richards of Crystal Dreaming

Anthony Kilner, ShirleySienna, Freya Sampson are joined by Louise Ogg from South Africa with a special guest in Raym Richards of Crystal Dreaming. Raym explains how he went through the transition of visual artist and being a lad to his spiritual awakening into shamanisim and how Crystal Dreaming was born. This is an honest account of how his journey has impact people around the world.