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Supernal Radio Show

Supernal Radio Show

Season 2 Episode: 6
Understanding disease in the body
Lia Estate has many hats, she is an energy healer, artists and works in architectural design as well as working for Supernal Magazine. Lia's story into understanding disease in the body through her own experiences opened up a pathway for her own spiritual healing journey. It's a fascinating story.

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Sacred Geometry architecture with Michael Rice. The Supernal team were kept quiet during this podcast .

An Interview with Jason D Varga.

Anthony Kilner and ShirleySienna team up to interview one of Melbourne's hypnotist, mentalist and columnist for Supernal Magazine, Jason D Varga. This interview covers some serious mental health topics along with the lighter side of working on stage hypotising audience members and some of the fun that can be had in the field. ShirleySienna also reads several cards for the audience and looks at Jason's Dreamspell details.

An Interview with Leon Bracelin

As a part of April 2020 Magazine, Freya Sampson interviewed Leon Bracelin. Leon is the Archaeologist in Residence at Ludlow Castle in England. Leon is not only living a life-based in science he is heavily vested in the esoteric world and understands how they work together. Our trio of presenters, ShirleySienna, Freya and Anthony hold a fascinating discussion with Leon that could have gone on for hours. Read Supernal Magazine Free at