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EXPERTS SHOCKED at Kim Jong-Un’s drastic weight loss
EXPERTS SHOCKED at Kim Jong-Un’s drastic weight loss

Author: Matt Travers


North Korea is the prime example of what Nazi Germany would look like in the modern era, it is a total totalitarian dictatorship, with only one man in power: Kim Jong-Un.

North Korea is the most isolated and secretive country on the planet, with a population of about 25.5 million people. However, none of those 25.5 million people are allowed to leave the country, and if you do try to escape the country and you get caught, you will either be sent to a ‘re-education camp’ according to North Koreans or more formally known as a concentration camp. The other fate you can meet if you are caught trying to escape is death.

North Korea or The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are world-famous for their human rights violations. There are thousands of examples of North Korean defectors who tell horror stories of what they have seen in the country. Even if you are not North Korean, you are still not safe. Take the most high profile case of them all, Otto Warmbier, who was an American college student who decided to take a trip to North Korea for fun, but he did not come back home the same.

Otto was accused of trying to steal a propaganda poster from the 5th floor of the famous Yanggakdo hotel. At his trial, the North Korean government used security footage from the incident and you could not even make out the perpetrator's face or even skin colour, but he was still sentenced to 15 years of hard labour in a North Korean concentration camp. After being arrested in 2016, Otto returned to America in June of 2017 in a vegetative-like state. He died a week later.

The saddest part of it all however, is the suffering of the North Korean citizens. The average North Korean makes $33 Australian Dollars a month, or $25USD a month. There have been widespread famines in the country, the most famous one being in the 1990s where over a million North Koreans died of Starvation.

While his people starve, Kim Jong Un was estimated to weigh 136kg in 2020 by South Korean intelligence, making him severely obese. However, Kim has been in the headlines recently for looking a lot thinner than usual. South Korean intelligence has been making claims that in recent years Kim’s massive weight has caused him a plethora of health problems.

Kim’s family has a history of health problems, with his grandfather and founder of North Korea Kim il-Sung succumbing to a heart attack aged 82 in 1994, and his father meeting the same fate, dying of a heart attack aged 69 in 2011. Kim’s lifestyle does not give him the best chance for a long life either, being a known cigarette smoker plus being a frequent alcohol drinker. This may explain why Kim Jong-Un is so desperate to lose weight because he does not want to meet the same fate as his grandfather and father before him.

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