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Supernal Radio Show

Supernal Radio Show

Season 1 Episode: 11
An Interview with Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot
Charles is from Gaian Heart Wisdom takes us through his life journey from birth in India and growing up with his very special Nona to moving to Australia feeling lost and depressed. His story of working as a councillor, meeting local Elders and connecting to the heart of Australia is simply amazing and fascinating to hear.

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Anthony Kilner, ShirleySienna and Freya Sampson wax lyrical about sound frequencies, meditation and self-healing. This show discusses many of the topics covered in the August/September issue of Supernal Magazine - Nuance of Sound!

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Dr Judy Wilyman has been slammed by media and other sources over her critical thesis into all facets of vaccines. Her scientific study has been backed up with creditable facts and is well researched. On this show Dr Judy explains in detail about how vaccines work, their role in society and how the new COVID-19 injections are very different from typical vaccines.

What is 1LIFE radio

In this show the team interview Russell Harrower, Director of DRN1 Radio, 1Life Radio and Perth Radio. The team discuss the concept behind 1Life Radio and how it fits into the health and wellbeing sector.