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Season 1 Episode: 12
An Interview with Colin Hayter
Colin is a true story teller and this interview is more about us listening enthralled than asking questions. Colin takes us through his phenomenal journey as a builder to learning to read about Egyptian glyphs, helping to save the sacred Bambarra Forest and undertaking his own personal indoctrination into Indigenous Culture and history.

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Alison Jarred is the Australian Co-Ordinator of Damanhur Australia and an amazing person to chat with about Plant Consciousness and Plant Music. During this mind opening chat Cassandra, her stunning Orchid, sings merrily in the background. Her tinkling sounds add another dimension to the world around us and to the conversation.

Understanding disease in the body

Lia Estate has many hats, she is an energy healer, artists and works in architectural design as well as working for Supernal Magazine. Lia's story into understanding disease in the body through her own experiences opened up a pathway for her own spiritual healing journey. It's a fascinating story.

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