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Supernal Radio Show

Supernal Radio Show

Season 1 Episode: 3
Domestic Violence
The team discuss Domestic Violence in detail as covered in the February issue of Supernal Magazine Australia. There's a big discussion on what 2020 reflects and how internal balance energetically (Masculine and Feminine) can make a difference in life. Topics covered also include how to Enlighten Up - dealing with poisonous emotions. Read Supernal Magazine Free at

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Sacred Geometry with Michael Rice on architecture

Sacred Geometry architecture with Michael Rice. The Supernal team were kept quiet during this podcast .

Deborah Haight released her new book.

Deborah Haight released her new book, The Hierophant - Book One -The Return of Memory. Deborah's story is amazing and having known Jose Aiguilles from the Law of Time and Galactic Mayan Calendar she also knows ShirleySienna very well. This is a funny episode with some amazing details about her new book and it's elemental characters!

An Interview with Colin Hayter

Colin is a true story teller and this interview like the last episode is more about us listening enthralled than asking questions. Colin continues to converse about his passion of Egyptian history and how it ties in with the sacred Bambarra Forest.