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Season 1 Episode: 6
An Interview with Jason D Varga.
Anthony Kilner and ShirleySienna team up to interview one of Melbourne's hypnotist, mentalist and columnist for Supernal Magazine, Jason D Varga. This interview covers some serious mental health topics along with the lighter side of working on stage hypotising audience members and some of the fun that can be had in the field. ShirleySienna also reads several cards for the audience and looks at Jason's Dreamspell details. Read Supernal Magazine Free at

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One Small Town can Change the World.

Michael Tellinger started the Ubuntu Movement in 2005, bringing a way of life to the world that had only been seen in tiny communities around the globe. This movement has grown and become something a lot bigger than Michael had dreamed of. In this podcast Michael talks about sound and frequency of life, the origins of money, sacred geometry and how one small town can change the world! It's a passionate discussion that has so much relevance in these amazing times we live in.

An Interview with Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot

Charles is from Gaian Heart Wisdom takes us through his life journey from birth in India and growing up with his very special Nona to moving to Australia feeling lost and depressed. His story of working as a councillor, meeting local Elders and connecting to the heart of Australia is simply amazing and fascinating to hear.

Corona Virus - Choose Empowerment!

WARNING: The following episode is for entertainment purposes only and any advise given during the show is general information and not a personal advise. Supernal Radio recommends that you ring the coronavirus hotline 1800 020 080. In this Special Episode of Supernal Magazine Radio, ShirleySienna Coventry, Freya Sampson and Anthony Kilner delve into the hysteria and fear that has created panic around the globe regarding the pandemic – Covid-19 or Corona Virus. This discussion looks at a raft of aspects from the physical in understanding flight or fight responses from the brain that are created poor media practices and fear-based negative thoughts. These thoughts are very real and are impacting individuals and communities in a horrible way.